Heng thinking of 10m population; SDP says no, offers alternative immigration plan

Singapore Democrats

With headlines like ‘PMETs make up rising share of retrenched locals’ (Straits Times, 15 March 2019) and ‘PMETs take longer to find work’ (Business Times, 29 November 2018), it is no wonder that Singaporeans are feeling angry with the current immigration policy.

To make matters worse, PM-in-waiting Heng Swee Keat has signaled that he is open to the idea of a population of 10 million on this island.

Singaporeans are already feeling the effects of an overcrowded city. The influx of foreigners has compounded the problems of stress and the high cost of living in this city.  

The SDP will launch our alternative policy on immigration and population growth on 8 June 2019 where we will tackle this problem that will have a critical impact on this nation and the lives of its people.

The launch is the fourth in a series since we announced our GE preparation in our Campaign Kick-off in January this year. The first three policies launched were

1. Cost of living – A Better Life for All: Keeping the Cost of Living Affordable in Singapore,

2. Housing – Housing A Nation: Holistic Policies for Affordable Homes, and

3. Healthcare – The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For All Singaporeans.

The SDP strives to be a responsible opposition party by coming up with alternative ideas to take Singapore forward. We want to give Singaporeans a chance to vote for the SDP, not just against the PAP.

The PAP has, in turn, copied our ideas – or, at least, adopt them as rhetoric. Imitation, it must be remembered, is the sincerest form of flattery.

This is one of the reasons why we know that we are on the right track and the reason why we continue to push for change by presenting our alternative ideas to our fellow citizens.

So join us next Saturday for the launch:

Event: Launch of Building A People: Sound Policies For A Secure Future
Date: 8 June 2019, Saturday, 2 pm
Venue: SDP Office, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-30, Link@AMK
Open to the public, all are welcome

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