Josephine Teo’s refusal to substantiate POFMA allegation is indication of calibre of PAP’s 4G leadership

In rejecting the SDP’s application for the cancellation of the Correction Directions, the MOM has failed to provide any grounds for its decision.

MOM’s reply simply insisted that “your Application does not provide sufficient grounds for the cancellation of the CDs.”

This is not a rational answer as the SDP had submitted a detailed account – including analysing MOM’s own statistics – of the reasons for the statements in our posts.

The SDP is confident of our case and we, therefore, have no qualms posting our full document for all to read and judge (see here).

On the other hand, Minister Josephine Teo, despite having the entire Ministry and its officials at her disposal with two full working days and an entire weekend to refute our specific arguments, has refused or been unable to do so. This is telling.

Replying that the “Minister has therefore decided to refuse your Application” is not an answer, it is a cop-out.

The PAP hurls accusations against its opponents but refuses to substantiate its arguments when rebutted with official data. This is hardly the kind of leadership Singaporeans should expect or deserve. It is an unfortunate but very real comment about the calibre of the PAP’s 4G leaders.

Using the law to allege the SDP as posting “false statements of fact” and then refusing to back-up its allegation with data when challenged is clear demonstration of how far Singapore’s political standards have deteriorated.

POFMA, like this Government, should be held to higher standards.       

The MOM’s non-answer leaves the SDP no choice but to pursue the matter in court. We will keep readers updated on developments.    

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