SDP supports move to close schools and workplaces

The SDP supports the latest measures announced by the Government to suspend classes in our schools and close workplaces for non-essential services.

For all intents and purposes, this is a lockdown.

While such a drastic move will hit businesses and income earners hard, it is a necessary and an important step to take to fight the latest spread of Covid-19. 

The measure comes amidst a breakdown in the prevention of new infections that have broken out all over the island. While questions arise as to how we came to such a point that necessitated the present action and whether such a measure is sufficient, those are matters for scrutiny for another occasion.

For now, we must focus our attention on overcoming the Covid spread. The SDP repeats our call for Singaporeans to cooperate with the authorities and abide by the new measures set out. 

In addition, we advise Singaporeans to wear masks if you are in the presence of other people such as in MRT trains, supermarkets and food centres, but we must also continue to practice good hygiene because masks are not foolproof.

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