Vanished? Chee replies

Your ability to misinform your readers never fails to amaze. Ms Chua Lee Hoong wrote that I had “vanished into the obscurity of the international lecture circuit.” (ST, 18 March). This completely ignores the fact that my colleagues and I have been actively continuing our work for democracy in this country. It is your newspaperContinue reading “Vanished? Chee replies”

SDP appeals for help on behalf of East Timorese in Singapore

There are 18 refugees from East Timor who are currently in Singapore and are awaiting entry into Darwin, Australia. Their houses and other belongings have been completely destroyed or stolen by the pro-Jakarta militia in East Timor. Two of the refugees only narrowly escaped the violence when the house of Bishop Carlos Belo, from whomContinue reading “SDP appeals for help on behalf of East Timorese in Singapore”

Compensation to Dawson Estate residents outrageous: SDP

The SDP notes with deep concern the plight of Singaporeans living in the Dawson Estate which is affected by the Government’s acquisition program. Under the Land Acquisition Act (LAA), the Government is acquiring land from citizens at a cheap rate and then selling it for profit, leaving the residents saddled with financial burdens. These acquisitionsContinue reading “Compensation to Dawson Estate residents outrageous: SDP”