Chee Soon Juan invites George Yeo to an online debate

August 8, 2009
Singapore Democrats

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Dr Chee Soon Juan has posted to his Facebook an invitation for an online debate regarding issues close to the heart of Singaporeans.

Singapore Democrats

Foreign Minister George Yeo is active on the Internet and has recently been interacting with Facebook users on the Burmese issue (see here). Noting his presence online, Dr Chee Soon Juan has posted to his Facebook an invitation for an online debate regarding issues close to the heart of Singaporeans:


Dear Mr George Yeo,

I congratulate you on your willingness to interact with Singaporeans online.

You may be aware that the Singapore Democrats are also active online and, for this reason, I have on separate occasions invited your party colleagues to debates on the Internet. Unfortunately I have received only silence.

I would like to extend to you the same invitation, that is, to a debate on the key issues affecting Singaporeans.

You will note that the active censorship of the mass media prevents the news and views of the SDP reaching the mainstream public. The little information that reaches Singaporeans about my party is often biased and inaccurate. Your party, on the other hand, is always positively portrayed.

The Internet offers no such refuge. It is a greater leveller of information flow. In this medium, the SDP’s views are transmitted accurately, as are yours. We are judged by readers on the merits of our arguments – not by how the Singapore Press Holdings spins and adulterates the information.

Since you have presented yourself in cyberspace, it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to engage each other in an honest exchange of views so that Singaporeans can see for themselves where we stand on the various issues regarding our nation and where it is headed.

I do not want to divert attention from this important discussion on Burma which is why I would like to suggest a separate exchange. I am open to suggestions on the topics and format for the debate.

I look forward to a positive response from you, and hope that you and your party will not continue to avoid open debates. It is important that Singaporeans get to read our views and judge for themselves who they want to support, as they should in a democratic society.


Chee Soon Juan