Cool SDP-Ts on sale at May Day Rally

April 30, 2012
Singapore Democrats

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Singapore Democrats

When you come to the SDP May Day Rally on Tuesday, there’s a lot more than meaningful speeches, free health screenings, and activities for the family – there’ll also be some really cool SDP T-shirts on sale.

One that’s already on everyone’s lips shows a set of headphones on the front with its wire winding to the back of the shirt and plugged into the SDP logo and the caption “Plugged into…”

Of course, let’s not forget Danny, the irresistible Democracy Bear. The cute plush toy of Danny’s replica will also be on sale.

So come and support the party that hasn’t stopped working for Singapore and for you. These activities require funds and we hope that you will be part of the effort to help us bring democracy to Singapore.

So bring your friends and family down to Hong Lim Park on 1 May and help us make this rally a truly memorable one to reduce income inequality in Singapore.