Fundamental rights of citizens must be protected

October 5, 2017
Singapore Democrats

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Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democratic Party is disappointed with the regressive steps and punitive measures taken recently against Singapore citizens exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly.

In particular, we are disturbed by the police action against performance artist and activist Mr Seelan Palay as well as the crackdown on friends and activists attending the recent vigil for Prabagaran Srivijayan who was about to be hanged.

Our constitution is the highest law of our land and it guarantees our citizens freedom of speech and assembly as long as it is peaceful and does not harm any individual or community. A country can only progress when its citizens are engaged in debating fully and actively participating in matters that affect the lives and well-being of our people.

We call on the government to take steps to protect our constitution and fundamental rights of the people of Singapore.

Paul Ananth Tambyah
Singapore Democratic Party