How Much Do PAP Ministers Earn?

May 20, 2003
Singapore Democrats

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Other than sporadic reports that speculate how much our PAP ministers make each month in salary, there has not been much of official reports about it.

A “cloak of secrecy” surrounds this. Even if the ministers say they’ll take a pay-cut soon given the economic malaise Singapore is facing partly due to SARS, the question is not how much of a pay-cut they will take but what is their salary in the first place?

To get an idea of what PAP ministers make, follow this link to a report by the Hong Kong Legislative Council’s Research Department:

Click to access hs510424cb2-1677-2e.pdf

[You may want to skip the whole 14-page report and refer to Page 10, Table 12, Comparison of Annual Salary (in millions of $HK).]