S’pore leader vows to attract more educated immigrants

April 18, 2010
Singapore Democrats

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Xinhua News

Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on Saturday stressed the need to attract more educated immigrants.

Speaking at the Indian New Year celebrations, Lee said that with the economy in a buoyant mood after the Singapore government upgraded growth forecast this year, the city state needs to grow as an attractive hub for international trade, investment and talent to sustain long-term growth.

“We benefited from being open to immigrants from around the world, especially China, India and the region. Throughout history, Singapore has welcomed migrants,” he said.

Lee said that Singaporeans must recognize that with a declining population, the city state needs immigrants, including those who have studied or worked in the United States and Europe.

Educated immigrants will make Singapore more competitive and dynamic, he said, adding that the challenge is to integrate newcomers into the society and an event like this Indian New Year celebration is a good example of how integration can be done.