Singaporeans petition against diplomat suspected of hit-and-run

January 3, 2010
Singapore Democrats

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Singaporeans have started an online petition calling on the Romanian government to cooperate with authorities in the city-state over a recent fatal hit-and-run accident in which the a Romanian diplomat is a suspect, The Sunday Times reported.

The petition calls for Silviu Ionescu, charge d’affaires at the Romanian embassy, to be handed over to the Singapore authority if he is found to be responsible for the Dec 15 accident, which left one dead and two people injured.

“There is a need for common Singaporeans to express outrage at the entire incident to put pressure on parties on both sides. At times, things can get too clinical if we leave it merely to the respective governments,” 37-year-old petitioner William Teo was quoted as saying.

The petitioners have called for the payout of damages to the families of the three victims of the early-morning accident involving a car from the Romanian embassy in Singapore.

Ionescu is believed to have gone home to Romania for medical treatment and enjoys legal immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

A taxi driver said he had picked up Ionescu about 3:30 am on Dec 15 from a location where the embassy’s abandoned car was found.

Ionescu had called police from the taxi to report that the embassy’s car was stolen.