Statement on Mr Sunny George Verghese

November 20, 2010
Singapore Democrats

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Singapore Democrats

On or about 13 October 2010, we posted and published the article “Higher roller loses $76.5 million in Singapore casino on our website The article was reproduced from another website

We did not have any intention to defame Mr Verghese. We hereby express our sincere regret for having aggrieved your client and we state clearly that Mr Verghese is not the person whom the article had referred to. We have since removed the article on our website.

We did not identify or refer to Mr Verghese as the “higher roller” who lost “$76.5 million in S’pore casino”. We did not know who Mr Verghese was at the time the article was posted or that he was the 40th richest man in Singapore.

We regret the publication and unreservedly state that if we had inadvertently conveyed any defamatory meaning, we hereby unequivocally withdraw them.