Teo Ho Pin must speak up on Sheng Siong rent hike

March 26, 2010
Singapore Democrats

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Singapore Democrats

Teo Ho Pin

Now that Sheng Siong has done what the SDP said it would do, that is raise rents after it takes over the wet markets, what does Dr Teo Ho Pin have to say to his constituents at Bukit Panjang? It is unbelievable that he chooses to remain silent about such a serious matter.

Is the PAP MP burying his head in the sand in the hope that the controversy will just blow away? Doesn’t he know that the shocking rental hike of 30 percent is going to affect both stallholders and consumers in a drastic way? Does he even care at all?

The Singapore Democrats will fight for the residents on this matter and we will tell them that they do not have to take this lying down. They have the economic power to fight back and they must exercise that power.

The SDP will be visiting Bukit Panjang again very soon as we have been doing in the past and we will call on the residents to stand up to Sheng Siong’s bullying. We will do our utmost to get Sheng Siong to reverse its decision.

This is people’s livelihoods that we are talking about, it is hardship for the poor that we are talking about.

At the same time we will be calling residents to note their MP’s inability and/or unwillingness to speak up and stand up for the people he says he represents.

The more Dr Teo continues to keep mum about this matter, the more deafening his silence will grow.

Dear Dr Teo Ho Pin,

John Tan

Now that Sheng Siong has raised the rental of stalls at Fajar Market as we had predicted it would, the residents of Bukit Panjang constituency would like to hear what you have to say about the matter.

Remaining silent is not an option. Do you support the raising of the rental? If you don’t, will you publicly condemn Sheng Siong’s reprehensible move? Are you going to do anything to help resolve the matter?

We hope that it is not lost on you that the stallholders and residents, especially those from the lower-income groups, will be severely affected by the hike.

In the coming months and weeks, the SDP will do everything we can can to get Sheng Siong to reverse its decision. We invite you to join us in our effort. What do you say?

John Tan
Assistant Secretary-General
Singapore Democratic Party