Choose PAP and Singapore still weaker

December 11, 2005
Singapore Democrats

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During elections:

“Choose wrongly, and Singapore will be weaker. People will start writing new reports about us, about how, after all, we are just a flash in the pan.”

DPM Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, Oct 22, 2001

After elections:

“Singapore is Asia’s weakest economy: Barclays.” – AFP, Jun 18, 2002

“Singapore among Asia’s laggards as recession deepens.” – Bloomberg, Jan 2 ,2002

“Glory of Singapore fades into the past.” – Age, Melbourne, Jan 24 ,2002

“Singapore is trying to halt slippage.” – New York Times, Apr 30, 2002

“In Singapore: Government squanders savings.” – New Zealand Herald, May 18, 2002

“Economic doubts dog Singapore.” – Financial Times, Aug 27, 2002

“Singapore faces jobless surge.” – BBC, Sept 13, 2002

“Singapore concedes economy weakening, delays pension repairs.” – AFP, Nov 17, 2002

“Whither Singapore Inc?” – Economist, Nov 28, 2002

“Singapore economy to remain sluggish” – Financial Times, Jan 3, 2003

“Singapore economy stagnates, recession risks loom.” – Reuters, Apr 10, 2003

“Bad debts up as Singapore falters.” – Reuters, Jul 31, 2003