Feels sorry for you and would like to console you that you have our moral and emotional support

September 14, 2007
Singapore Democrats

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Dear Dr Chee,

I have read about the news in TODAY in the Singapore Snippets column which is not prominent in gaining readers’ attention. My brother feels sorry for you and would like to console you that you have our moral and emotional support.

As for me, I would like you to know that what does not break you will make you stronger. Time flies and you must remain strong. Ultimately, the victory will be with the one who turns stronger from the whole episode. Just remember not to lose your cool when some people tried to agitate you so as to trap you in legal actions. I believe you will grow even stronger, too.

I know it is not the first time you are going in prison. When I was still in education and even dared to email to the PAP leaders over the issue in school, the previous Superintendent of West Zone and the previous Principal even got angry and reminded me of the “blemish” background of some educators. To them, once a “defect”, even in confidential papers, will always remains a fact.

With your qualification, wisdom and perseverance, I believe you will be able to outwit those politicians given the ample time you have while these older generation will not be able to live forever.

We have learnt not to place high hope on appeal cases especially when the judiciary is under the current government. We live and look to the day where we will cast our votes without fear.

Be strong, do not worry, just be happy that you are getting stronger each day.

Warmest regards,