PAP's support for Iraq War was a grave error

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The SDP condemns the recent massacres in Paris, Beirut and Mali. Such wanton acts of violence have no place in a civilised world. We call on the global community to stand together and act in concert to eliminate the factors that cause the violence.

Closer to home, the recent warning by PM Lee Hsien Loong regarding the terrorist threats posed by ISIS is ironic, if not altogether hypocritical, given the situation that led to the group emerging in the first place.... Read more »

Final Rally At Hong Lim Park on Day 4 of #WalkTheTalk2015

Singapore Democrats

#WalkTheTalk2015 will come to a conclusion at Speakers' Corner in Hong Lim Park on this Sunday, 15 November.

Dr Chee is scheduled to arrive at the park from the eastern suburbs at about 4pm. Following a brief rest, he will be taking the opportunity to speak to you about his experience over the past four days, covering all four compass points of Singapore on foot as part of SDP's #WalkTh... Read more »

"Spot Dr Chee"

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Hi everyone! To include as many folks as possible in ‪#‎WalkTheTalk2015‬, the SDP would like to invite you to participate in the "Spot Dr Chee" contest, as part of this fundraising event.... Read more »

Why support Walk The Talk?

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As much as the SDP has worked to reach out to you, more – much more – can be done and will be done. We will step up our efforts to present ourselves, our ideas on how to improve on what we have today and what we can do to lift our nation and home to the next level of success without losing our humanity. We can – indeed, we must – achieve both!


To... Read more »

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To my dear volunteers

14 September 2015   by Clarence Zeng

Clarence Zeng

The whirlwind hustling of GE2015 is finally over. The applause has mainly been for the candidates, but I believe the appreciation should go to a lot more people. Matthew Tan, who helped me co-helm the Ground Operations Team when Bryan Lim stood up to be a candidate for our party. He is the analytic guy, and helps to disarm tricky situations when tensions are high, and provides alternative solutions when none seemed to be in sight.