SDP writes to SPC about forum

Singapore Democrats

Mr Patrick Daniel
Singapore Press Club


Singapore Press Holdings

Dear sir,

The SDP wrote to you on two occasions (2 December 2014 and 12 December 2014) regarding the possibility of my addressi... Read more »

SDP's GE2015 message: Thank You, Singaporeans

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidates thank voters for their support in GE2015.

A PAP fall out

Paul Tambyah - A PAP fall out

In 2011, out of the blue came this professor standing on the SDP stage to speak to the crowd at Raffles Place. Everyone was wondering where he came from. Today, in the same spot, in the same SDP stage, Paul Tambyah has returned... Read more »

SDP Press Conference 02 Sept 2015

Dr Chee Soon Juan transcript:

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan characterised the SDP's alternative policies as one of “tax and spend” and that they will lead the country to bankruptcy. He did not, ... Read more »

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The Singapore Democrats have proposed a set of realistic and workable alternative policies that will make Singapore a better, more secure, and less stressful place to live in.

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Competent. Constructive. Compassionate.

Qualities we have been working to build up the SDP as an opposition party that will be speaking up and fighting on your behalf.

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Together we can make a difference.

There is hope for a different future, a different way of doing things, if we’re brave enough to make a fresh start.


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To my dear volunteers

14 September 2015   by Clarence Zeng

Clarence Zeng

The whirlwind hustling of GE2015 is finally over. The applause has mainly been for the candidates, but I believe the appreciation should go to a lot more people. Matthew Tan, who helped me co-helm the Ground Operations Team when Bryan Lim stood up to be a candidate for our party. He is the analytic guy, and helps to disarm tricky situations when tensions are high, and provides alternative solutions when none seemed to be in sight.