Unconscionable for PAP to increase revenue collection at a time of hardship

Singapore Democrats

The recent increase in car-parking fees is wholly unjustified especially at a time when Singaporeans are hurting from a weak economy.

The quantum of the increases – by 20% for short-term parking and 27% for season parking – are also inordinately high. They add significantly to the already hefty living expenses with which Singaporeans have to bear.

Such a step shows th... Read more »

MND and Town Councils must explain why they took so long to act on lift problems

Singapore Democrats

The government announced last week that it would set up a “tighter lift maintenance regime” to be in place by July. It is reported that some town councils “are taking no chances” and have stepped up measures to ensure lift safety, including having more checks on the quality of maintenan... Read more »

MND should give full account of lift mishaps

Singapore Democrats

The SDP notes with concern the recent spate of lift malfunctions at HDB blocks which have led to injuries and even one death. The incidents which happened recently include:

  • 14 October 2015, Jurong: A lift door jammed, causing the hand of an 85-year-old woman to be severed.

  • ... Read more »

SDP's new intern: "Change does not happen by standing still."

Singapore Democrats

“Because I am a Political Science major, I am naturally interested in learning the unique development and government of Singapore and I wanted the opportunity to learn more,” said Ms Megan Lee, the SDP's latest intern.

Megan, a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley, studies comparative politics and education. A US citizen, she will be in Si... Read more »

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Your Email: Voice of a Small Business Owner

11 March 2016   by Adeline

Dear SDP,

I read the facebook note by Dr Chee that shared the story about a small independent bookstore appealing for help to stay afloat. It gives a glimpse of what is really happening to many small retailers. While I sympathize with the owner, we should also take note of things from a broader perspective by looking into the challenges faced by small business owners in Singapore.

As a small business owner over the past 10 years, I personally witness that many local retailers (big or small) are suffering because of the economic downturn...