Question of Dr Chee’s imprisonment to be raised in the European Parliament

Mr Graham Watson, Leader of the European Liberal Democratic and Reform group in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, had shown his concerns over the Singapore government’s recent jailing of opposition leader, Dr Chee Soon Juan, for daring to hold a Labour Day Rally.

In his letter to London’s Financial Times (28 October 2002), he wrote, “I am sure I am not alone in disapproving of the way Singapore’s authoritarian regime is dealing with the opposition, particularly the SDP which advocates freedom of speech, democracy and human rights.”

He had called upon his fellow politicians to join him in protesting against the Singaporean government’s abuse of democracy and the increasingly intolerant one-party rule in the country and petitioning the Singaporean government for the opposition leaders’ release.

Mr Watson will also raise questions of Dr Chee’s case in the European Parliament.

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