Not realistic to stop money laundering from drugs

5 May 2005

Good day sir,

I have seen your forum on the death penalty of drug traffick and I’m with you for that. However I also believe that such laundering of money cases can hardly be prevented. In a secular view, take for example the Colombian drug cartels. They threaten poor ignorance women for trafficking and many of them land in jail and imprison for 10,15,20 of years while the masterminds are still in operations. What can the world do about it? sad to say they can’t because of their billions dollar investment in the Wall street. It will be disastrous if they decide to pull off their money from the market.

Personally I think it’s a flaw in the capitalistic world and how the stock market works. We can’t risk our people’s life by standing at the side of justice. It’s too late.

I always have lots of respect for you sir for your guts to stand up against PAP. However I believe that we should always present an unbiased view on issues so as to make it hard for the press and PAP to counter. And I also believe that some things remain politically correct because they just can’t be let known. Just my 5 cent worth.


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