Political hors d’œuvre

Singapore Democrats

Remember the show Kids Say The Darndest Things where comedian Bill Cosby chatted with four- and five-year olds and gems spewed forth from the little people that made us all chuckle?

We seem to have our own version of the show with the difference that instead of kids, it is our Ministers who provide the levity. And they don’t need Mr Cosby to prompt them, they come out with these incredible sayings all on their own.

Take Mr Wong Kan Seng’s brilliant analysis that ISA-escapee Mr Mas Selamat could either be in Singapore — or he could have left the country. And then there is Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s assurance that no Singaporean will be destitute or have to depend on soup kitchens.

And yet there are others that are just downright infuriating such as Mr Khaw Boon Wan asking us to dump our aged parents in Johor Baru or Mr Charles Chong’s “lesser mortal” barb.

We highlight these memorable quotes in our Political hors d’œuvre section and invite readers to send us more. Given that they live in a world of their own and the propensity of their putting their foot in the mouth, this shouldn’t be too difficult a task.

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