Support young S’porean artist in democracy video contest

Singapore Democrats

Young Singaporean artist, Ms Lam Lien Minh, is appealing for support for her entry in this year’s Democracy Video Challenge. Ms Lam, a second year student in the School of Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technological University is one of three finalists from the Asia Pacific region.

Democracy Video Challenge is an international film making contest aimed at raising youth awareness about democracy. It was launched at the United Nations on the International Day of Democracy, 15 Sep 08.

The programme leverages social media to encourage young people to start a global dialogue on democracy by submitting short videos that complete the phrase “Democracy is…” Participants are provided with an opportunity to express their own thoughts and interpretations regarding the subject.

Six winners from the various geographical regions around the world will be picked. They will get to meet with democracy advocates and government leaders in Washington D.C and New York as well as top world film-makers in Hollywood.

Ms Lam has passed through two tough rounds of judging by experts in the field. She is the sole representative of Singapore and she needs your support. Watch video below:


The Singapore Democrats whole-heartedly support Ms Lam’s video and we call on all Singaporeans to do the same by voting for her entry (see below for how to vote). Email this article to all your friends and relatives and ask them to cast their vote for Ms Lam. The deadline is next Tuesday, 15 Jun 10.

Ms Lam says: “Help me spread the message to other people who love freedom and democratic society.”

How to vote:

  1. Access into this link:
  2. At the top right corner of the site, click sign in
  3. Sign in with your Youtube account or Google account.
  4. Go back to the site, find the video named “Democracy is …struggle of freedom desire!”
  5. Click on the green thumb up to vote. When your vote is counted, the other icon will turn grey.
  6. If you want to leave her a word of encouragement, click on the name of video to go to original Youtube page.
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