Democrats continue to knock on doors in Bukit Panjang

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is not letting up on its groundwork in the run up to the coming general elections. Members have been pounding the pavements of Bukit Panjang constituency and visiting residents there.

In the process we encountered many households who voiced their concerns of not being able to  keep up with the high cost of living. One lady in her 60s cried as she related to us that her son was retrenched and has been looking for a job for half-a-year. She did not have enough income to meet daily expenses. 
So how did she get by?

Kiam, kiam jia, lo (eat sparingly)” she said wiping away a tear.

Many of these folks have no say. Their rights have been taken away and they exist at the mercy of the PAP. What is worst is that the PAP exists for itself and continues to rationalise that there will always be those who fall by the wayside.

The Singapore Democrats are determined to change this. Singaporeans do have a choice and they can choose to empower themselves.

They can do this by voting for the SDP when the elections come. The time when we gave up our political rights in exchange for economic progress is long past.

The Government has run out of ideas on how to take Singapore forward. It has now turned to foreigners to bulk up our population in order to inflate the GDP, never mind what happens to the locals.

It even has to resort to withholdng the CPF from retirees and forcing them to continue to work – and for less pay.

Having gone through the years where we worked hard and sacrificed much, why are we not able to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Why do our older workers have to continue to toil till they have both feet in the grave? Is this what progress looks like? It doesn’t make sense.

There is another way – the SDP way. We have made alternative proposals on how to solve the problems that the PAP has created and continue to impose on us.

Our ideas are workable and realistic. They can alleviate the dire circumstances that Singaporeans face and, more important, point the way to a future where growth is sustainable, one that benefits all strata of society.

We have described these in a comprehensive package in our Alternative Economic Programme.

But we need help in getting our message of hope out to the people because the PAP-controlled media continues to black out news on us, especially our proposals.

As we continue to knock on doors, we ask our friends and supporters to join in the effort to help us get our message and ideas across to the people.

Visiting residents is a time-consuming and resource-intensive exercise. We need campaign helpers. While the PAP relies on the Residents’ Committees, we can only rely on those of you who believe in democracy and want to see change.

You can do this at our rally at Hong Lim Park this Saturday (please wear something in red) where our members will be on standby to help you register and answer questions that you may have regarding our campaign. Come and help us change Singapore for the better.

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