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This is the first time that the people are going to be so involved in a general election. This is because the Internet has opened up a whole new front for the opposition to campaign and the Singapore Democrats have wasted no time and resources in capitalising on this new tool.

But there are a myriad of things that require the assistance of our supporters. We need campaign helpers, polling and counting agents, drivers, etc to perform the many functions required during the campaign period. 
We have opened up our party office at 12A Jalan Gelenggang (off Upper Thomson Road) for our Friday night pow-wow. Please come by and sign up as a volunteer. So when you are done with your work, stop by between 7 pm to 9 pm.

The PAP has the money to pay contractors to do everything for them. We have only the people themselves to rely on.

The Singapore Democrats have been preparing for this elections for more than two years now. This elections are crucial and the issues that we face as a nation have never been more important.

Our message is clear. But without helpers and volunteers to help us reach out to voters, even the best of messages will not get heard. In the end, if the PAP is victorious again, it will not be because their policies are better but because the have more resources to get the message across.

Already it controls the media. With the newspapers and the television singing its praises day and night, it is an uphill task to reach the electorate. With your help, however, we can more effectively get voters to pay attention to what we have to say.

We are convinced that if they read and hear the SDP, they will be persuaded to vote for us.

We need your help to carry us through the final stretch. Elections come but only once in five years. Don’t let this one pass again without doing your part to build a democratic society in Singapore.

The stakes for you are high and the issues grave. How you live your lives over the next few years, whether our nation is overtaken by foreigners, how the economy and the cost of living affects you will all depend on what you do this coming GE.

If you continue to hang back and just watch the election play itself out, then our future will be bleak. But if you step forward and get involved, and voulnteer with the party that is competent, constructive and caring then our future will be brighter and more secure.

Let this elections be the people’s elections where you, the people, help get the Singapore Democratic Party into Parliament. If you do that it will be historic and Parliament will truly be the people’s House.

So come by tomorrow night. The elections could be called as early as next week. There is little time to waste.

Event: Friday Night Pow-wow
Date: 18 March 2011, 7 pm to 9 pm
Place: 12A Jalan Gelenggang (off Upper Thomson Road)

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