Democrats to visit Blk 686B Woodlands

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats will pay a visit to residents of Blk 686B, Drive 73 at Woodlands this evening. Residents in the block were subjected to a gruesome ordeal when a Sembawang Town Council worker had dumped a dead body into the water tank atop the block’s rooftop.

Singaporeans were shocked to learn of the Town Council Management’s negligence. A team of SDP members will visit the block with a medical doctor in tow to see if any of the residents require any assistance.

If someone was up to mischief, or worse, out to cause mayhem, the enitire block of residents could have been in serious danger.

The residents are enraged primarily because the Town Council did not inform the them to stop using the water until half-a-day later. In the meantime many had continued to use the contaminated water.

To add insult to injury, the Town Council has offered the households a $10 rebate voucher for their next PUBl bill. Such a callous attitude makes a mockery of the concerns of the residents. No one should have to go through what they did, that is, having to use water that contained elements from a decomposing body.

The SDP will look into the possibility of helping the residents with legal remedies if the need arises.

Reports have also surfaced that workers were seen entertaining women on the rooftop. Such a lackadaisical attitude on the part of the PAP MPs in handling such a serious matter is inexcusable.

The SDP members will meet and talk with the residents during the visit to find out what the party can do do help. We will speak up on their behalf and help them hold those responsible to account. Many of the residents there have started a petition to call on the Town Council Management to step down.

We will do what we can can to support the residents of Blk 686B and offer whatever services we can to help ease the trauma.

We will also be on hand to help them demand greater security measures. Transparency about how these measures are put in place will also be discussed and canvassed with the residents.

The SDP contested in the GRC in GE 2011.

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