Party trains members for battle ahead

Singapore Democrats

In our continuing effort to improve ourselves and prepare the party for the next GE, the Singapore Democrats conducted a training workshop for our members and volunteers over the weekend.

Organised by the party’s Training & Development unit led by party Assistant Secretary-General John Tan, the four-hour session took participants through a range of subjects designed to equip them with the latest information about the party and politics in Singapore.

“As ambassadors of the party, our members must be provided with the necessary skills and information so that they can effectively reach out to the people and win hearts and minds,” Mr Tan said. Among other things, he led participants through the SDP’s Objects as spelt out in our constitution and which underpin our party philosophy.

Another subject covered is the party’s rich array of international alliances and networks that the SDP has built up over the years. Ms Chee Siok Chin presented the session, telling members that as the world becomes more integrated it is important that Singapore builds bridges with democrats and democratic governments in other countries.

Dr Chee Soon Juan presented the past, present and future of the party, taking participants through the years from its establishment in 1980 to the present.

He explained the party’s values and foundational principles of putting people first in all that the party does and empowering Singaporeans by returning to them their rights and liberties.

He also talked about strategies and plans for the future with special focus on the next general elections as well as addressing the subject of party discipline, emphasizing that the party expected a high standard of conduct from its members.

Public relations expert, Mr Fazlur Yusof, conducted a session on deportment. He reminded members that when they don on the SDP uniform of red and khaki, they immediately take on the responsibility as ambassadors of the party.

As such, they must comport to the professionalism that the SDP expects of its members.

“When we put on the uniform, we do it with pride and confidence,” he reminded participants, “and that will radiate out to the public.”

Following the workshop, participants adjourned to the East Coast Parkway for some R&R. A sumptuous seafood barbeque awaited everyone. And as daylight dissolved into a breezy night, members gathered round for an evening of good food and conversation.

To spice up the evening Dr James Gomez organised some ice-breakers including playing the ever-popular charades where particpants try to guess a phrase from a team-mate miming it. One of the items: Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. We’ll leave that to your imagination how we figured that one out. 

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