Football organiser say team cannot wear SDP logo on jersey

The organiser of the football competition, Yaacob Ibrahim Challenge Trophy, refused to allow the SDP Fushan Warriors to wear their team jerseys because they contain the SDP logo. The tournament is held at the Kolam Ayer Community Club. 

The competition rules do not forbid teams wearing jerseys carrying the emblems of their sponsors.

If we are a rules-based society as the PAP always claims us to be, shouldn’t the organiser respect the rules they set and not make them up as they go along?

In a previous tournament organised by the NTUC, Danny the Democracy Bear, who is also the team’s mascot, was barred from the players tent.

Such pettiness and small-mindedness is taken to a whole new level.

The players wear the SDP logo as a symbol of pride. No one, so far, has taken an interest, or believed, in them. Now that the SDP has done this, Singapore’s officialdom steps in and disrupts the process.

Business companies do not see the value, as in financial returns on investment, in sponsoring these boys. The Singapore Democrats, however, see the social value in investing in these boys to help them develop as individuals in their own right both on and off the field.

This is unlike the approach taken by Minister for Education Mr Heng Swee Keat with his latest initaitve to reward students with cash to promote values. This matter will be discussed in greater depth in the our next post.

For now, the PAP seems intent on keeping our youths as ignorant and apathetic as it possibly can by stopping any political party, apart from itself, from becoming involved with our youths.

This is emblematic of our political culture. The PAP is a turn-off for the majority of our youths who dislike its condescending kids-should-be-seen-and-not-heard attitude. It does everything to de-politicise the younger generation so that political control easier.

The SDP’s approach is to engage our youths and to interest them in public affairs and national issues. Such a process will foster a sense of belonging among youths to the community and ultimately to the nation.

Singaporeans must identify themselves with Singapore, not he PAP and our youths are our best hope in bringing this about.

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