What a Thriller!

Singapore Democrats

They came creeping out from the cracks with an eye out of its socket, a dagger plunged into the skull and clothes ripped from decades of rot.$CUT$

Zombies invaded the party at the SDP’s fund-raiser last night and then, right on cue, stomped to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

A thick, swirling mist and lightning from the stage lights added great effect to the ghoulish spectacle.

John Tan, Chris Ang, Corrina Liang, Chee Siok Chin, Clarence Zeng, Jaslyn Go, Chong Wai Fung and Jag Singh had been preparing for weeks for the performance and it was a great show (Photo credit: Lawrence Chong).

Not everything was so macabre though. The evening, billed as ’80s Flair: A Night To Remember, entertained guests with music from Madonna, Cindy Lauper,

We had our very own crooners: Old hand and supporter Mr George Huang performed a 1980s version of Cliff Richard’s The Young Ones dedicated, of course, to the SDP’s Young Democrats.

Ms Chan Wai Han from Function8 belted out the canto-pop hit of the decade Shanghai Bund, and Dr Chee Soon Juan sang with the whole house James Taylor’s You’ve Got A Friend.

And as promised, exercise physiologist Dr Rano Izhar Rahmat enthralled the audience with a performance of strength and mental power as he deftly executed silat moves (pictured above).

At one point, the martial arts expert broke a light bulb and proceeded to munch on a piece of the shattered glass. And swallowed it!

Member and body-builder Mr Farhan Rahmad then took the stage with his well-oiled biceps and lats, and kept the audience, especially our fund-raising team member Ms Yeo Poh Hong (pictured left), oohing and aahing.

A few good-looking members of the audience were then roped in to work the poses that Mr Farhan had demonstrated. Peals of laughter, whistles and whoops ensued, of course. (Photo credit: Lawrence Chong)

Then came the highlight of the evening when our Thriller dancers emerged from among the audience in the darkened hall, and gave the late Michael Jackson a run for his money.

Behind all the laughter and merriment, however, there was all the hard work done by organising committee who spent months prepaing for the evening.

The event was organised as a fund-raiser but ended with everyone just having lots of fun.

To all of you who came (and many others who couldn’t attend but supported us anyway), we thank you for letting your hair down with us and making the evening so memorable.

(Photo credit: Lawrence Chong)

See more photos at SDP’s facebook album and Lawrence Chong’s photo album.

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