SDP’s Christmas message 2013

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Chong Wai Fung and Clarence Dorai present SDP’s 2013 Christmas message – We need a more compassionate society (text available below).$CUT$

The Christmas season is upon us again -a season of giving and forgiving, a season of festive cheer andgoodwill. But Christmas is also a time where we remember whathumanity is all about – compassion and the ability to care for oneanother. For what would the Christian faith stand for without thevirtues of care and empathy?

Singapore is renowned for itstinsel and glitter at Orchard Road especially at this time of theyear. We go about shopping for gifts and partake of the fun and foodthat is in abundance. But even as we spread cheer and laughter, letus also remember those who continue to live in poverty and pain.

Let us remember 95-year-old Mdm LuDai Hao who took her own life because she didn’t want to burden herfamily with medical bills. Or the 81-year-old lay who suffered aheart attack after queuing up for three nights just for a free mealat the temple. Or those homeless families camped out at the beach.

We cannot leave those who need our voice be unheard. Wecannot leave those who are defenceless without rights and dignity. Wecan do better than this, we are better than this.

We need to build a compassionatesociety, A society that can look into the needs of it’s weaker andmore vulnerable brethren. After all, Christmas would mean nothing ifall there is to it is the emphasis on shopping.

Caring and compassion for ourfellow men and women is what makes us all human, it is the decentthing to do, it is the true message of Christmas. Let us re-dedicateourselves to this message and see to it that power be accompanied bycompassion. The two must not be separated.

And so from all ofus here at the SDP to all our Christian friends have a BlessedChristmas and to everyone else Happy Holidays!

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