“When are they going to give it back to me? When I die?”

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats carried on with our GE2015 programme, pushing on with more walkabouts in the Holland-Bukit Timah and Yuhua constituencies yesterday morning. We contested in these two wards in the 2011 elections.$CUT$

While the SDP has been active in drawing up alternative policies and fulfilling our promise of being a constructive opposition, we are also determined to work hard on the ground to reach out to voters.

During our exercise, we heard complaints about the Minimum Sum Scheme on more than a few occasions. “The money is mine!” a Malay retiree said, “When are the going to give it back to me? When I die?”

Tragically, many Singaporeans still don’t realise that they have insufficient CPF savings for retirement. This is because most have used their funds for their HDB loans and for Medisave. 

The PAP has designed a system where they force the people to go into debt over housing, and when they retire, the Government promises hand-outs to win votes during elections. 

Singaporeans must see through the fact that the PAP is effectively a business entity, treating Singaporeans like customers from whom to make a profit rather than citizens to whom they serve. 

“Support us to get into Parliament so that we can be your voice,” SDP campaigners tell residents, “You need someone to speak up for you.” 

And they are responding positively as many welcome us and openly show their support by buying our newspaper The New Democrat.

The SDP launched our GE2015 campaign in January and we have planned a series of activities to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

The programme is designed to dovetail into the elections and ensure success at the polls which is expected to be held later this year.

Our programme highlights include the launch of a book on Dr Chee Soon Juan in March and the release of our Town Council Manifesto in April.

In the meantime, party campaign workers continue to hit the food centres during our walkabouts and meet residents during our weekly house-visits. Our message? We hear you, we know your concerns, and we feel your frustration. This is why we’re working hard to be Your Voice in Parliament.

See more Chinese New Year walkabout photo at SDP’s facebook photo album.

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