Final Rally At Hong Lim Park on Day 4 of #WalkTheTalk2015

Singapore Democrats

#WalkTheTalk2015 will come to a conclusion at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park on this Sunday, 15 November.

Dr Chee is scheduled to arrive at the park from the eastern suburbs at about 4pm. Following a brief rest, he will be taking the opportunity to speak to you about his experience over the past four days, covering all four compass points of Singapore on foot as part of SDP’s #WalkTheTalk2015 fundraising effort.

Come down with your friends and family and have a picnic. We are looking forward to your company this Sunday as we bring this memorable event to a close.

WalkTheTalk2015 t-shits on sales

Due to the overwhelming interest in the ‪#‎WalkTheTalk2015‬ T-Shirt, we are posting the details here for your collective information.

T-Shirts of the same design as the one Dr Chee has been and will be wearing for the remaining half of his island wide trek will be on sale for S$15 at Hong Lim Park on Sunday from 2.30pm to 6pm at SDP’s merchandise booth.

We are solely relying on volunteers to carry out this event on Sunday so if we are a little late in setting things up do bear with us. Please note that only a limited number of these T-Shirts have been printed hence their availability will be solely dependent on the stock we have on hand.

Dr Chee’s books and SDP’s merchandise will be available for sale, too.

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