Khaw’s Sembawang plan does not address priorities of residents

James Gomez

When asked to account from the $500 million Sembawang renewal plan, Khaw in typical PAP fashion is evading the question.

One day into the campaign, the PAP team in Sembawang is already trying to wriggle out of a corner. PAP candidate Khaw Boon Wan said: “If they (SDP) don’t even know how public projects are financed, then better not entrust them with the responsibility of running the Government.”

Mr Khaw and his PAP team needs to account for his $500 million plan and how well his plan is going to help the residents of Sembawang’s pressing issues related to the rising cost of living, influx of large amounts of foreign labour and depressed wages.

Instead of answering the question, Mr Khaw is telling us that the Sembawang GRC will team up with Nee Soon GRC to form one town council even before election results are known! Mr Khaw and his team needs to tell Singaporeans how his plan is financially prioritised to help the residents of Sembawang GRC.

The SDP Sembawang team comprising of John Tan, Jarrod Luo, Sadasivam, Mohd Isa and I want to know how many households are in arrears of service & conservancy fees. Further we want to know, how many residents have been taken court over their inability to pay these fees. This way we can determine where the priority of Town Council spending should be and how the PAP team has managed Town Council services in the last 5 years.

But instead of answering these questions, Mr Khaw evades them.

Singaporean voters need to to take note of this PAP tactic of dodging important questions.

In the remaining 8 days of the campaign the people of Singapore will see that Khaw and his team at Sembawang are not going to answer these questions of public accountability. They will be trying to wriggle out of addressing the issues that residents truly care about.

That is why residents of Sembawang need to vote the SDP Team into Parliament. There, we will ask the hard questions that the PAP is afraid to answer, but in Parliament they cannot wriggle out of it.

Note: SDP’s Sembawang Team gathers daily at 8am at Block 302 coffeeshop at Marsiling (immediately opposite Marsiling MRT). Once candidates and volunteers meet at this location, the group then proceeds together by van and car to various predetermined locations within the Sembawang GRC to meet voters. All are welcome. Please wear a red top and beige/khaki bottoms. Call 84036876 for details.

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