Congratulations to Paul Tambyah

Singapore Democrats

Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah has been promoted to FullProfessor with tenure at the National University of Singapore where he is an expert in infectious diseases at the Department of Medicine.$CUT$

Professor Tambyah is a member of the SDP’s Healthcare Advisory Panel and co-authored, together with nine other members, the SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For All Singaporeans.

He caused a stir when he spoke at the SDP’s downtown lunch time rally during the 2011 general elections (video below). He was a potential candidate for the Party in the Punggol East by-election earlier this year. He has also spoken at various forums where he presented the SDP’s healthcare plan [video].

Singaporeans are excited that professionals such as Prof Tambyah have shown interest in serving the people and have high hopes for the nation’s future.

The SDP congratulates Prof Tambyah on this promotion (pictured right, in his academic gown). It is an indication of his competence and dedication to his work. We are also encouraged that the NUS recognisesand rewards talent without fear or favour.

Singaporeans are gradually shedding our fear of engaging in opposition politics and moving away from the climate of fear that has gripped our nation for too long. We look forward to many more Singaporeans stepping forward to speak up for what they feel is right for Singapore.